The Knox3DP Spool

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Comparison of open source CAD tools for 3d Printing

Meetup Meetup was a great success. We talked about: Direction of Knox3DP Survey Results of the group KnoxDevs 3D Printed Logo Contest Comparison of OpenSCAD and FreeCAD Things people would like to hear at the next meetups printing machines - hobbyist - what’s new team building challenges assignments how to build - project guided demo domain-specific... Read more

KnoxDevs Physical Logo Contest

Like 3D printing? KnoxDevs is holding a contest to produce a “Physical Logo”. Help us promote maker technologies in Knoxville, get an attractive and unique prototype sign for KnoxDevs to use at conferences/meetings, and get yourself some nice rewards (plus a bit of local notoriety!). KnoxMakers has teamed up with KnoxDevs to provide the winner with... Read more

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